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This page shows a few projects I have done over the years. Please contact me if you would like to commission a project. I work in wood metal and stone, sometimes forging, sometimes casting and often carving. My skillsets are set in tradition and I love to work with my hands. I don't like email or texts but if you call, I would love to chat. Cheers.

Highland Park Cabinet

The Highland Park Cabinet was commissioned for a whiskey bar in downtown San Jose to showcase Highland Park Scotch Whiskey. The cabinet includes hand carving, metal casting, blacksmithing, custom lighting and is modeled after the architecture of the Borgen Stave Church in Norway. The Dragons are in the Urness Style of Norwegian and Scottish design.

Highland Park Cabinet

Highland Park Cabinet

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Singer Project

The Singer Project was a custom entertainment cabinet commissioned by Rick Singer. I chose to make the body from black American walnut. The shelving is made out of steel tubing with cast cranks and gears that raise or lower the shelves. The whole project took 4 months to create. All hardware was made by hand and includes cast iron, cast bronze, blacksmithing and steel fabrication.