This page shows a few projects I have done over the years. Please contact me if you would like to commission one of your own

Singer Project

The Singer Project was a custom entertainment cabinet commissioned by Rick Singer. I chose to make the body out of laminated walnut planks. The shelving is made out of steel tubing with cast cranks and gears that raise or lower the shelves. The whole project took 4 months to create. All hardware was made by hand and includes cast iron, cast bronze, blacksmithing and fabrication.

Educaris project

The Educaris project was a private commission for Judy and Barnaby Levin that involved creating a 9' tall cast bronze figure. Educaris means "to raise up" and refers to the figure's physical form as well as the allegory of education. The sculpture was first created in clay, transferred via waste mold into plaster. A silicone mold was made around the plaster and then cast using lost wax casting method in 7 parts and welded together. A patina was applied to the bronze and it was installed with a cement base.

Charles Davidson Portrait

 The Charles Davidson portrait is a commission to commemorate the life work of Charles Davidson. Once the bust is completed I will create a moquette and transfer the work into a full figure life size statue destined for the campus at San Jose State

Wedding Ring For Lucy

The Ring was commissioned for a wedding. The groom had found a piece of jade which I fashioned onto the band. This style of metalsmithing is called Mokume Gane which is japanese for wood grain. 

Esben's Hammer

I forged this hammer for my son Esben and gave it his namesake. I make many of my own tools and name them after my family to remind me that craftsmanship is craeted with honesty, love and dedication. 

The Alegory of Education

This is a 1/3 scale maquette for a multifigure composition. The figures will be larger than life. The final project is destined for the School of Visual Philosophy in San Jose Ca. The project will be an alegory of eduaction and speak about contemporary concerns within the eudcation system.