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Craftsman Club

Learn Heritage Skills

My Craftsman Club in Heritage Skills is a sought out, ongoing group session that offers students the chance to learn alongside me akin to an apprenticeship or atelier style of education. Students observe demonstrations, watch videos, and practice their own skills as I create the tools and artwork for my heritage tool chest. Each tool I create has a specific use and relationship to one of my family members. 


The lectures and demonstrations follow me as I create woodworking tools, knives and other hand crafted items. The course includes a weekly virtual lecture via Zoom, and access to online courses with video and PDF instructions. If you would like to be a part of this unique opportunity, please click the button below or give me a call: 

Yori Seeger: 360-626-3987

Feel free to peruse the images below for a sample of the work created in the Craftsman Class.

What the Club is up to

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