Education is at the heart of my practice. I am a sculptor working in media and equipment that range from iron, cement and wood to laser cutters, pedagogy and the human experience. I incorporate any and all materials that I feel are appropriate in order to convey my ideas which focus primarily on the human figure. I deconstruct, re-orient and arrange elements to forge a connection with those who view my work. No two pieces or projects are quite the same, yet all my artwork has a common thread to evidence the hand that made it. I am putting my energy now into a large scale, multiple figure public sculpture that will be housed in a prominent place at Visual Philosophy Studio. I aim to teach through the making and displaying of this work, the subject of which is an allegory of the history of sculpture education. 
yori and dana show opening.jpg


Yori Seeger was born in Mt. Shasta and grew up in Santa Cruz, California. He has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in Ceramic Sculpture. In 2013, Yori and his wife Dana opened an art studio and education center called the School of Visual Philosophy in San Jose, California. He is the President and Executive Director of the School as well as teaches sculpture classes there. Yori has been published in Ceramics Monthly, exhibited his work regionally and has his work in numerous private collections. He lives in Ben Lomond, California with his family.