Education at the

School of Visual Philosophy

Education is at the heart of my practice. In 2013 I co-founded the School of Visual Philosophy with my wife, artist Dana Harris Seeger. After working in higher education we decided that to truly advance art education we needed to start our own school. 6 years strong, we offer the best art classes in the Bay Area, support a thriving creative community and merge fine art with technology. Our school is located in San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I teach a variety of classes in Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing, Metal Casting, Sculpture, 3D printing and more! Click the link below to be taken to the School of Visual Philosophy website.

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Teaching Samples

Repose Hammer
Lighting the furnace
Bladesmithing Hatchet
Demonstrating sand casting
Wood and metal working project
Ecorche class